Oh boy, I lapsed on the posts!

Welp, I did it!

Today was Day 108 of my 108-Day Vegan, Gluten/Grain/White Starch/Soda/Sugar/Artificial Sugar/Weight Scale-Free Challenge!

I was wearing the big jeans tight when I started. Had lots of hard days, lots of hangry days, lots of skin breakouts, but I completely changed my relationship with food. I can say “no” effortlessly. Joints are less achy. Inflammation and psoriasis have improved a lot. My gut is calm. Yoga is coming along. I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of clothing. And the layers are shedding slowly, surely. I’ve got a ways to go, but I have an internal strength, now, that I’ve never experienced before.

I was hard-core but not a total freak about my plan. On Thanksgiving, I had some turkey broth with my veggies. I've had some store bought shakes with coconut sugar in it. Some of the sauces in my dishes had a little flour in it. I experimented, listened to my body. Sometimes I'd breakout, but my body and gut was free of discomfort. .

My biggest takeaway is just how I feel. To not be worried about having an achy gut is great. I'm gonna keep going. I like my food and, at this point, I don't miss the other stuff.

As I mentioned before, I'll incorporate fish into my diet but not just yet. I'll know when it's time.

:Lots of photos to CELEBRATE!!!!

Some of the photos are from a couple of year ago, when I was at my biggest.

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