My dear friend Natalie has been one of my main supporters in my wellness journey. Even through my laziest days, she would invite me to her yoga classes to practice, or would just sit in a space (indoors or out) with me and we'd practice and she would often invite me to offer music in her classes. Recently, she has been really encouraging me to come back to teaching. I finally took the leap. In October, I started taking class at a studio that I have been long curious about and, only a month later, the manager invited me to join the teaching staff. I have since subbed 7 classes and have 3 more in December scheduled so far. I'm surprised that things are progressing with the yoga so quickly. I feel great when I actually practice and I really enjoy prepping my classes.

I still have such a long way to go, even beyond February 19. I just have to remind myself that this is about lifelong changes. I have to develop patience and grace...especially with myself. Eliminating allergens, meats, grains, gluten, complex sugars will definitely have a person losing weight even if they consume a lot of everything else. These days, I've been feeling like I've been less disciplined because my meals are less regimented and my eating times and workouts are less specific/scheduled. At the same time, I've "up-leveled", which means that I have established a new way of working. There are always things to improve and, yes, it would be better for me to stick to a clearer schedule and plan, but I can also keep patting myself on the back for what I have accomplished. I still feel good about my choices thus far.

I've been trying to do some self portraits with our doggie, Leroy. He's such a good helper.

Natalie's work is called "Tiger Wave Yoga". She leads yoga treks to Nepal and practices in the LA area. I've had my tiger blanket since I was a kid...turns out I'm a disciple! <3

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