Thankx, but no Spanx!

Oh boy. I just passed the month mark. I do say so myself, but it's starting to show. Went to the theatre this weekend with my dear friend, Prentiss, and I didn't wear Spanx under my outfit. My lines were a lot cleaner and I didn't feel compelled to put a hand or a jacket in front of my gut. Woot.

I'm re-entering theatre life again, after a year break. I was originally being considered for the "fat" role and got cast as the mother instead. In film, my role has been played by wonderfully beautiful, graceful and charming leading lady types so it gives me a feeling of relief to know that I have room to explore where my body really wants to be instead of feeling locked to being a "heavy" (and a bit of an oldie, too). I believe the woman playing her is even a bit trimmer than I am, but she has a bit more natural gravitas than I do. In any case, I'm just glad that I don't have to surrender myself to the older character woman type just yet. I still have so much in me that I'd like to express.

I've eaten out a few times. One of my indulgences are sweet potato fries with ketchup. It's not completely restricted from the list since there are so many nutrients in sweet potatoes and since I'm using small amounts of ketchup (plus they're organic) but they do remind me of my crazy nuts addiction to potato french fries and how I used to gorge on them like a nutter butter. I won't be incorporating sweet potatoes into my home meals just to keep myself safe.

I keep plugging away at the plaintain chips, but no bueno so far. Even if I thin cut the slices and low heat them in the oven, the texture does not turn chip like for me. Food dehydrator is what I'm looking forward to, muah ha ha. Can't wait to get one. Apparently it's my Christmas gift this year.

So, people...I know this is a weight-loss blog, but I just want to do a plug for the theatre. Besides sports, concerts and church, theatre is a very special way to gather in community and to experience imagination at work. I saw 2 fine productions this weekend at the Alley Theatre in downtown Houston and they were so very excellent. Find your local LORT theatres (or any celebrated theatre in town) and see something. It's special and it works on the soul in a unique way - it might be a slow cook, but it's a sure one.

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