Lean Christine (rebooted)

Welcome to my blog.

I've done several cleanses, about 6, with good results. A person cleans their body out and loses weight as long as they follow the plan. It's quite simple. But a cleansing diet is not meant to be sustainable and so it isn't...and neither are the results. The results can be sustainable if you have a good plan post cleanse. For whatever reason, I could not get it together to set things up well for myself.

I first started this blog in March of 2017 and then I got off the horse. I took the page down and then restarted in March of 2018. I super got off the horse that time and took the page down again. This time, I've decided to share after already beginning my process. I've been "resetting" my body for just shy of a week, now, and my experience and mindset around it all is quite different. I have been gathering recipes. I have been noticing my emotions, energy levels, looking at the ways my upbringing has affected the way I relate to nutrition and my body, looking at a much wider view. And I see, now, that I might have some things to offer in a blog instead of whatever it was I was trying to do previously.

So, here it is again: Lean Christine (rebooted). I'll be posting lots. ♥︎

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