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Sidika & the Seeds is a collaborative led by Christine Jugueta. The configuration of the band shifts for every performance as may the arrangements.  What is consistent are their ideals, their approach and the compositions written by Christine.  Regular members of the Seeds include:  Bo Razon, Ron Quesada, Parth Savla and Will Gutierrez.  The Seeds has also included vocalists Alysa Lobo, Kristine Sinajon, and Amy Valdez and Natalie Macam of Kapwa Yoga.  Most of their experiments have been in yoga settings, but their work is currently on pause as Christine develops her solo work


Be on the lookout, though:  They are developing a collective of Filipino-American yoga devotees and vocalists to create a sound that fuses Tagalog and Sanskrit chants, that holds a dialogue between India and the Philippines and that supports a progressive yoga practice.


Sidika and the Seeds approaches their playing with a commitment to nurture the earth and the body through sound.  Most of the arrangements are “organic”, in that they directly affect the environment and are created with the body and with instruments that are made of earthen (versus electronic) materials. They prescribe to the concept that sound carries a quality and vibration that directly affects the environment and the body and that, when handled with intention and sensitivity, these sounds and tonalities can be prescribed as tonics to heal the soul and still the mind.  


The sound experiments with elements of jazz, blues, folk, rock, classical, Gospel, Indigenous chant and pepper their arrangements with hints of Middle Eastern and Indian flavors.  The selections fuse Tagalog lyrics with chants and songs from all over the world and include spirituals and original songs that highlight Indigenous instruments. 


Sidika & the Seeds is committed to highlighting Filipino musicians and Indigenous Filipino instrumentation.  The Filipino spirit is that of a natural healer and shape-shifter.  Because of their ability to adapt and assimilate, they have an extraordinary ability to meet others where they are and to deeply listen for an opening into the heart.  Sidika & the Seeds seeks to recognize the Filipino spirit and celebrate the inherent diversity of the Philippine Archipelagos.      


Sidika & the Seeds is also an ideal and a meditation on the global heart.  It holds truth, friendship, peace and healing as "seeds" to be planted in the world.  The songs and chants in their projects reflect this ideal, encourage the universalist “religion of the heart” and tell stories of the journey to the authentic self and to one’s true home.


Influences include:  Greg Ellis, Glen Velez, Grace Nono, Laura Mvula, Tinariwen, Sheila Chandra, Niyaz



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