South Pacific

"...most impressive among the actors is Christine Jugueta as Bloody Mary...Jugueta's Mary is vivacious and completely unreserved."

-Rachel BrutschDeseret News


"...the powerful vocals of Bloody Mary, played by Christine Jugueta"

-Jenny Hatch, Shakespeare Standard


"Jugueta’s Bloody Mary was fantastic. She could sing, she could dance, she could taunt and she could enchant with her singing voice and her portrayal of this lovable, fearless island mama and entrepreneur."
-Rachel Hughes, Iron County Today


"Jugueta as Bloody Mary was the strongest cast member. Her “Bali Ha’i” was hauntingly sweet...Jugueta commanded the stage as strongly as she commanded the attention of the SeaBees."

-Rosie Arcelay, Utah Theatrebloggers


"However, it is Jugueta's Bloody Mary that steals the show. Written as a stereotype, the actress who plays Bloody Mary has to fight tooth and nail to bring depth to this character. I have seen many actresses fail, but not Jugueta. Yes, she plays the humor for all it's worth in her scenes with the sailors; however, her song "Happy Talk" and her joy to see that her daughter will have a better life almost leaves one breathless."

-Doug James, Knoxville News Sentinel


"Bloody Mary (Christine Jugueta) captures the attention of every member of the audience."

-Amanda Greever, The Daily Times


"Absolutely terrific, both vocally and dramatically, was Christine Jugueta as the native entrepreneur Bloody Mary."

-Alan Sherrod, Knoxville Mercury


Charley's Aunt

"Christine Jugueta is delightfully droll as Donna Lucia, the real aunt, who goes along with the joke. "        

-Barbara M. Bannon, The Salt Lake Tribune


"Lady Lucia, played by the lovely Christine Jugueta...[is] very funny."  

-Lisa Shafer, A Writer's Blog


The Strange Case of Citizen De La Cruz

"emotionally well portrayed by Christine Jugueta as Nena de la Cruz"

-Linda Ayres-Frederick, Westside Observer










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