$6,000 Stretch Donation:  yoga class w/live music

$6,000 Stretch Donation: yoga class w/live music

Thank you for your help in getting Christine to the Philippines.  Please provide your mailing and email address and we will send you a personalized thank you note, an mp3 of three of Christine's released singles, the upcoming mp3 of her newest single, a personalized prayer/meditation/blessing written by Christine, two-hours worth of online lessons/consultations with Christine (in singing, guitar, piano, speech, acting, songwriting or meditation/relaxation).  Lessons and written blessings can be tailored to your interests and are transferable.  You will receive a custom-made decorated box with an inspirational quote in your favorite color, Christine and a guest musician or vocalist will serenade you online with one of your favorite tunes, you will receive a video recording of Christine singing a song with a guest vocalist or musician in Philippines and a tasteful capiz, bamboo, straw or woven souvenir or small instrument from the Philippines. You will receive a personal and unplugged recording of Christine singing your favorite cover (not to be released/sold) and Christine will write/co-write a song just for you and record it with a band.  Christine and at least one of her yoga and/or music colleagues will also lead a private yoga class with live music(in your home or a space you provide) for you and your friends.


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