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Cleaning House

2 more days (on Jan 1st!) and I'll be halfway through my 108-day program. February 19 marks my 108th day. So, I've gone from from a size 18 to 16. I'm hoping I can get to a 12 or 14 by the end of my 108 days. I just re-watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" part 1 this weekend and am inspired to do a proper reboot. It means juices for 30 days. From there, I'd return to the program I am currently on and then, every 30 days, I would slowly add. Say on February 20, I begin a 30-day juice - done on Sat March 21. Then I return on March 22 (with seeds and nuts) and then add on Monday, April 20 - 1-2 servings of legumes per week. On May 20 - eggs 2 times a week. Then on June 20 - 1-2 servings o

Cardio for Healing

I have been waking up early. My knee has been really bothering me. It's time to wear a knee brace, get an X-ray and take my "limbs" more seriously. One of the foundations of yoga are the "Eight Limbs of Yoga" and I always give a mini talk on one of these aspects in my classes. Self-care is related to ahimsa and asteya, non-violence and non-stealing. I think of ahimsa as compassion and asteya as returning. Yoga is first and foremost about our relationship with the Divine, then with ourselves and then with others. When we are on the mat, it is really helpful to extend compassion to yourself and to return energy to yourself, to really take the time to be present to the needs of your body


My dear friend Natalie has been one of my main supporters in my wellness journey. Even through my laziest days, she would invite me to her yoga classes to practice, or would just sit in a space (indoors or out) with me and we'd practice and she would often invite me to offer music in her classes. Recently, she has been really encouraging me to come back to teaching. I finally took the leap. In October, I started taking class at a studio that I have been long curious about and, only a month later, the manager invited me to join the teaching staff. I have since subbed 7 classes and have 3 more in December scheduled so far. I'm surprised that things are progressing with the yoga so quickl

Umami Salad

Ingredients: Organic power greens Organic bella mushrooms Roasted carrots Ripe avocado Optional: Organic sprouts, organic cucumber Coconut aminos balsamic vinegar grapeseed oil Seaweed seasoning Pink salt, pepper Tools: Big salad or soup bowl gloves (if you don't want to get your hands dirty) Cutting board cleaver small knife spoon Prep: Chop greens and mushrooms with a clear until everything is in small pieces If you are adding cucumber and/or sproudts, do the same Do the same with carrots, if they are not already in small coins or thin strips Assembly/mix: Put all veggies in a large soup or salad bowl Scoop out ripe avocado with knife/spoon and add to bowl Salt, pepper Coconut aminos, bal

Thankx, but no Spanx!

Oh boy. I just passed the month mark. I do say so myself, but it's starting to show. Went to the theatre this weekend with my dear friend, Prentiss, and I didn't wear Spanx under my outfit. My lines were a lot cleaner and I didn't feel compelled to put a hand or a jacket in front of my gut. Woot. I'm re-entering theatre life again, after a year break. I was originally being considered for the "fat" role and got cast as the mother instead. In film, my role has been played by wonderfully beautiful, graceful and charming leading lady types so it gives me a feeling of relief to know that I have room to explore where my body really wants to be instead of feeling locked to being a "heavy" (

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